Nothing is more important than our customers. 

❝ Within days of meeting to put our home on the market Erin had everything in place for two open houses the coming weekend. Erin gave us detailed instructions on how best show our home. She had all the brochures, marketing and videos arranged in record time. She was tight with social media using Insta and Tik Tok reels that were fun, stylish and got thousands of views.

Erin helped us choose a solid and strong listing price for our home based on the special characteristics it had. She created wonderful open houses and her great work had us get an offer days after listing. In fact the buyer put in an offer the evening of our second open house. It was a lot of work, in a short period of time, and Erin sold our home at just under full list price within a week of listing!


❝ Have you ever been to a pre sales event and wanted to be that VIP that is invited past the huge line up, past the velvet ropes and offered their pick of units? There are so many realtors in Vancouver, it can be a challenging decision deciding who to turn to for advice when it comes to purchasing. It seems like everyone’s cousin, or uncle is out there selling something, but if you’re looking for a presale, there is really only one realtor that is a Global leader in Vancouver, and that is Stella Price.

When my wife and I started looking at presales, we met Stella at one of her events and were totally blown away by how connected she was to every major industry leader.
Thanks to her network Stella is able to offer her clients the best program and best financing on any presale purchase. Many people claim to be experts, but actions always speak louder than words, and Stella’s ability to create amazing opportunities for her clients and her extensive network put her in a league of her own.
Thank you Stella!❞

❝ Selecting a real estate professional to represent us in the sale of our house was a major decision. After 25 years of mortgage payments and home improvements we were looking for a professional who could help us realize the best possible return on our investment, Stella Price was the right choice.

Stella listened carefully to our needs, developed a plan with her team specific to our home , and then implemented the plan. We had very little to do, our house sold in less than 2 weeks This transaction lead me to introducing Stella to an investment group, which I belong to , and we invested in pre-sales real estate in the Vancouver area. I highly recommend Stella for all your real estate transactions!❞

❝We hired Erin Emery to help us buy properties in the Lower Mainland and she was amazing. She is passionate, focused, responsive and, most of all, she cares about her clients. She is looking at a property for her clients like she is the one buying it so no stone is left unturned. In a specific situation we faced in a transaction, she went above and beyond her obligations to solve a problem and that really cemented our trust in her. Now, she is our go-to realtor for all our real estate needs.❞

❝We looked at in excess of 50 homes in Westwood plateau before we met Stella. Stella sat down with us and asked a lot of questions as to what we wanted. 2 days later she showed us 3 homes all of which we could have bought. Since then we have sold and purchased more properties thru Stella and her team. Stella is down to earth, caring, honest and we would not deal in real estate without her on our side!❞

Henry & Tania - Vancouver, BC. Canada

❝First met Erin on the One Burrard presale project and was very, very fortunate to be able to purchase 3 units for my family. Her enthusiasm is contagious and passion in real estate beams through her infectious smile. If she doesn’t have what you want, she will scour the earth to find it for you. Sincerest intentions followed up with great punctuality, having erin on your team will definitely put you on real estate map.❞